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Horseback Riding

The Code

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Clean and disinfect everything! By this, we mean anything that each horse may come in contact with: floors, buckets, brushes, tack, clothing, hands, stalls, etc. 


Monitor Temp

Take your horse's temperature twice daily. A healthy horse temperature is between 99 - 101.5 degrees fahrenheit.

100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on clinical electronic thermometer on white background.jpg
Image by chrissie kremer


Observe Symptoms

Observe for clinical signs of illness for 3-5 days prior to the event as well as throughout the entire duration of the event.


Report sick horse

Be sure to report any fevers or signs of clinical illness to a veterinarian for further examination and evaluation.

Filling Out a Medical Form
Image by Aaron Burden



Keep yourself educated on EHV-1 and biosecurity tips. Clicking this link to USEF Veterinarian Katie Flynn is a great first step!


Separate horses and supplies

 Avoid sharing supplies and equipment unless it has been cleaned and disinfected between uses. Avoid communal water. Limit horse to horse and human to horse contact.

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