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Marian Ehlers, Creator of S'MORES CODE

Advocate for Equine Health and Biosecurity Awareness

Marian Ehlers started her Jr. equestrian career in 2016. At the age of 10, she created the Doctor Mare Mare show, on YouTube, to create horse care tips and illness prevention awareness for kids. Marian has been a long time ambassador for both JustWorld International and Healing Reins. During the EHV-1 breakout in 2022, Marian's horse contracted EHM. She worked alongside the head veterinarian for the California Department of Food and Agriculture on biosecurity prevention measures. Marian created S'MORES CODE in honor of S'more, the first horse to pass away during the breakout.

My Story

Hi! My name is Marian but most people know me as Mare. When I was 14, I created this simple and catchy acronym as an easy reminder to keep our horses happy and healthy. Whether at a horse show or at home, it's important have biosecurity awareness. My horse became an EHM positive patient during the EHV-1 outbreak in 2022. I was directly affected by this virus. S'more, my friend's horse, was the first horse to pass away. This was unequivocally the saddest moment of my life. There are no words to describe the hectic scene and emotional destress all around me. Horses were sick and hurting. The show grounds were working around the clock creating isolation zones and biosecurity measures. Many people were out of work resulting in consequential financial stress. The EHV-1 outbreak was the most noxious, stressful and exhausting event I have ever experienced and I never want it to happen again. Viruses can be avoided starting with you! Remember to use S'MORES CODE! You got this!
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